Hi, I'm Flox Cat. I'm a bisexual Autistic cat who loves Pokémon. I hope you all except me.

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Update 1-26-22

Posted by FloxCat - January 26th, 2022

Okay.. I got an update on Jolly. It's both good and bad news. First the bad news... It's going on a break. Mostly because I need to do official artwork on some characters so it doesn't be like BOOM I'm here kinda thing and people will be confused. So expect TWO Artbooks chapters soon as I'm doing 12 artworks. The series will be back on 2-20-21 with the next chapter. Well.. I'm also doing a weird Valntime Special on St. Valntime Day so actually the 14th of February to be fair.

HOWEVER! The extreme good news is that I've have three brand new comics coming out early this next month. The first is a superhero like comic called, 'Little Hero'. It will be about a young Mentally Challenged Girl who becomes the hero named Heart Burn. The second will be a fan continuing of a old anime that will take place in USA and have some original ideas. It will be call 'Hue'. The final one is will be extremely dark and talks about a important topic. The only clues I can give is 'Milk', 'Gum', 'Oxes', 'Star' and a well known Country. The title will be revealed when it's out. Also, as for 1951? Well, it will continue when I feel like drawing it as I'm actually stuck on a creative BLOCK OF DOOM (I know.. It's dumb but true).

Still, thanks to those who have supported me through these comics. It's NOT easy as I have to be on time with this. It's hard, but extremely FUN! I love making comics and manga. I'm glad to have a way to share this with people.



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